ASQ 111213

# 11 - Moving In

"Jed bites the inside of his cheek to keep from sobbing aloud.
He whispers, nervously, deep in his throat.
The floor is uncomfortable, and his bladder aches.
Jed extends an arm to the wall, walks carefully through the dark to the corner of the basement.
He urinates in the corner.
The smell that rises from the hole makes him gag.
The he curls up on the damp dirt floor, under his ragged blanket, and, for a few more fleeting hours...
...Jed escapes."

#12 - Playing House

"Clarence and Barnaby receive $800 a month from the state for Jed. Three years ago he ran away.
Since then he's benn locked in the basement.
Barnaby and Clarice see it as protecting their investment. They know it's important to keep Jed safe...
They just couldn't tell you why."

#13 - Men of Good Fortune

"- Did I hear you say that you had no intention of ever dying?
- Um. Yeah. Yeah.That's right. It's a mug's game. I won't have any part of it.
- Then you must tell me what it's like. Let us meet here again, Robert Gadling. In this tavern of the White Horse. In a hundred years."

[dialogo di premessa fra Dream e Rob Gadling, che darà vita a uno dei più bei momenti di tutto Sandman.]

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  1. il fumetto?? Perdona, non sono un'appassionata...

    ciao :)

  2. L'opera d'arte!

    Perdona, non sono obiettivo.^^

    Comunque è questo: http://www.fantasymagazine.it/notizie/5931/
    Ho colto l'occasione per recuperarlo in inglese. :-D