ASQ 1617

#16 - Lost Hearts

"- I do not understand--
- Of course you don't. You're obviously not very bright, but I shouldn't let it bother you."

[Dialogo tra Sogno, uno dei Eterni, e Unity Kincaid, Vortice in divenire]

#17 - Calliope

"And Madoc took Calliope* back to his home, and locked her in the topmost room, which he had prepared for her.
His first was to rape her, nervously, on the musty old camp bed.
She's not even humane, he told himself. She's thousand of year old. But her flesh was warm, and her breath was sweet, and she choked back tears like a child whenever he hurt her."

* Musa greca della poesia. La più piccola delle nove.

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