ASQ 1819

#18 - A Dream of a Thousand Cats

"[...] the reality the Cat of Dreams showed me trascended anything I had imagined.
Many, many, seasons ago, cats truly ruled the world.
We were larger then, and this whole world was created for our pleasure. We roamed it as we would, taking what we wanted.
In those times humans were tiny creatures, no larger than we are now.
And the humans would groom us, and feed us, and pet us.
And when the moon shone full, we would hunt them, and we would eat part of them, but chiefly we would hunt them...
... for they were more delightful to hunt even than birds, and back then, mice were too small and insignifcant for us to deign to touch.
Oh, the joy of those hunting days, beneath the cat's moon. The game of cat and men...

#19 - A Midsummer's Night's Dream

"- I wonder, Titania. I wonder if I have done right.
And I wonder why I wonder. Will [Shakespeare] is a willing vehicle for the great stories.
Through him they will live for an age of man; and his words will echo down through time. It is what he wanted.
But he did not understand the price. Mortals never do.
They only see the prize, their heart's desire, their dream.. But the price of getting what you want,is getting once you wanted.
And I had told him? Had he understood? What then? It would have made non difference.
Have I done right, Titania? Have I done right?
- Hm? Oh, it is a wonderful play, Lord Shaper. Most enchanting and fine."

[Dialogo tra Sogno o Titania, regina delle fate, mentre guardano Sogno di una notte di mezz'estate.]

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