ASQ 29-31

#29 - Distant Mirrors: Thermidor

"- Will you kill all the poets, then, St. Just? Will you kill all the dreamers?
- When they have served their purposes, yes."

[Dialogo fra Lady Johanna Constantine e il cittadino St. Just.]

#30 - Distant Mirrors: Augustus

"The boy is sixteen. He sleeps in his own tent. He is tired; and he is ill.
His uncle comes to his tent, in the darkness.
His uncle is a great man.
The boy is taken, brutally, harshly, there in the night. He offers no resistance.
His uncle is pleased with him.
'Do what I say and I will adopt you as my son. Do what I say, and you will rule when I am gone. Do what I say, and the world will be yours.'
The boy does what he is told.
He lies awake night after night, waiting for his uncle; waiting for the pain.
And never crying."

[Il futuro imperatore di Roma Augusto viene stuprato dall'allora imperatore Caio Giulio Cesare.]

#31 - Distant Mirrors: Three Septembers and a January

"- His madness... His madness keeps him sane.
- And do you think he is the only one, my sister?"

[Delirio e Sogno, parlando dell'imperatore degli Stati Uniti, Joshua Norton.]

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