#21 - Season of Mists: A Prologue

In which a Family reunion occasions certain personal recriminations; assorted events are set in motion; and a relationship thought long done with proves to have much relevance today.

- Season of Mists: Chapter One

In which the Lord of Dreams makes preparations to visit the realms infernals; farewell are said; a toast is drunk; and in Hell the adversary makes certain preparations of his own.

- Season of Mists: Chapter Two

In which the Lord of Dreams returns to Hell; his confrontation with the Lord of that realm; in which a number of doors are closed for the last time; and of the strange disposition of a knife and a key.

- Season of Mists: Chapter Three

In which Lucifer's parting gift attracts unwanted attention; and the Dream Lord receives unwelcome visitors.

- Season of Mists: Chapter Four

In which the dead return; and Charles Rowland concudes his education.

- Season of Mists: Chapter Five

In which a banquet is held, and of what comes after; concerning diplomacy and bedrooms, blackmail and threats; and an unusual recipe for sausages.

- Season of Mists: Chapter Six

In which the vexing question of the sovereignity of Hell is finally settled, to the satisfaction of some; the finer points of hospitality; and in which it is demonstrated that while some may fall, others are pushed.

- Season of Mists: Epilogue

In which we bid farewell to absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and in which we give the devil his due.

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  1. utente anonimo19/2/08 22:10

    eri rimasto un po' indietro, eh? ^.^

    The Girl

  2. Nah, era voluta.

    È il mio arco narrativo preferito, e se avessi dovuto scegliere avrei citato quasi tutto. Invece mi sono limitato ai riassunti criptici che dà Gaiman stesso.
    Tutti in una volta mi sembrava più pheego.^^