ASQ 32-37

#32 - A Game of  You, Chapter One: Slaughter on Fifth Avenue

"- Our coffee, madame. And what are we today?
- I'm a chess board.You're just tacky, Wanda."

[Dialogo tra Wanda, transessuale, e Barbie, giovane bionda e formosa che stava con Ken.]

#33 - A Game of  You, Chapter Two: Lullabies of Broadway

"Hazel dreams.
I'm on a train journey across a country I don't know. I don't know if I speak the language or not.
I don't know if I have a ticket.
A ticket inspector tells me that there is something wrong with my ticket. I have to go with him.
I didn't know that there were steps on trains.
He tells me there are cellars under all trains in this country. I have to go down.
The present I won with my ticket in the box. I go to open it.
The baby smells of formaldehyde, not unpleseantly. It is cold and slightly clammy to the touch.
The autopsy scar is sewn together with black silk thread. It has been dead exactly seventy years.
It is perfectly preserved.
Foxglove is waiting for me, with her baby.
I cannot remember her baby's name. I cannot remember how old it is.
It's a boy, though. I remember that.
My baby is cold, so we put them together in a crib, to warm it up.
We love our babies.
My baby begins to move. I am unspeakable proud of it.
Now it smells of roses.
I know what it's going to do. I want to hide. I want to turn away. I want to stop looking.
I can't.
I hear Fox keening for her son. I cannot move.
And I know: once it's finished with Fox's child...
(Stop it, says Fox. Stoppitstoppitstoppitstoppit...)
Then it will come for us..."

#34 - A Game of You, Chapter Three: Bad Moon Rising

" Hazel: - Thessaly? What's going on here? This is all so weird.
I think you really owe us some kind of explanation.
Wanda: - Me too and where's our host? Where's George?
Thessaly: - He's in the bathtub.
Wanda: - George is taking a bath? Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle, Thessaly--
Thessaly: - He isn't taking a bath: he's in the bathtub. It seemed the best place to put him.
I killed him.
He's dead.
Hazel: - You're joking, right?
You haven't really killed anyone...?
Thessaly: I'm not very good at making jokes, Hazel.
Go and look. He's in the bathroom."

#35 - A Game of You, Chapter Four: Beginning to See the Light

"- I loved bein' a kid. I was one of seventeen children.
We were all named Wilkinson--I suppose it was roughest on the girls, but we all got used to it in the end.
I blame the parents, really.
- I was an only child.
- I would've liked to've bin an only child. That way when someone shouts Wilkinson, you know it's you or not.
Mustn't grumble. Our parents were the salt of the earth.
Lovely people. It was just when they found a name they liked, they stuck with it."

[Monologo di Wilkinson, ratto in trench, intramezzato da Barbie]

#36 - A Game of You, Chapter Five: Over the Sea to Sky

"- You weren't abused as a child, Barbara. Your childhood was dull, quiet and boring. You had two dull parents, and a dull house.
And an overactive imagination."

[Il Cuculo, riferendosi a Barbie.]

#37 - A Game of You, Chapter Seven: I Woke Up and One of Us Was Crying

"- Okay. Here goes. Barbie's idea.
It's like, that people...
Well, that everybody has a secret world inside of them.
I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world--no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside.
Inside them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds...
Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe.
Isn't that a weird thought?"

[Barbie, rivolgendosi a Wanda.]

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