ASQ Special #1

Special #1 - The Song of Orpheus

"I sing of only two things: love and time. I journeyed to this world below, to which all born as mortals must descend in time.
I came to plead with you, great king, great queen. I sing an honest song, and I will tell the truth, unvarnished, and in my own way.
I came because my wife was killed before her days in lands above were due to end.
Eurydice disturbed a serpent and it poured its poison deep into her precious veins.
 was not strong enough to bear my grief. Love was too strong for me, and dragged me down. The power of love is strong in lands above.
And love is known here too, if all the tales of passion, aye, and rape so long ago have any truth or honesty to them.
They say you two were bound as one by love.
I beg you, by these silent realms, to weave again the destiny of one who died too soon.
[Ixion's wheel stands still with wonder.]
For we the living will be yours one day and all we hope and feel and touch and dream, all we hold dear, will wither and be gone.
[The vultures cease to gnaw Tityus's liver.]
For at the end, with pennies on our eyes, we die, and rot. And then, as hollow ghosts we'll dwell below: our last, our final home.
[Tantalus makes no effort to satisfy his hunger  or thirst.]
Oh king, oh queen. My wife, like all the rest will soon be yours. I ask you for a gift, a tiny boon. I ask you for her life, and only for a short span on this Earth.
But if you cannot grant that, then I wish not to return to lands that see the sun.
And you may have my life as well as hers."

"Thou hast made the furies weep, Orpheus, this is unheard of. [...] They will never forgive you for that."

[La canzone di Orfeo ad Ade e Persefone all'inferno, e la conseguente reazione di Persefone.]